Dancing in Harmony

A female client, Hope[1], at an early age was sexually assaulted numerous times by a family member, and a close trusted adult friend. It has caused a severe trauma that revisited her during her whole life of more than 40 years. She had sought out professional help and believed she had dealt with it, however, it would occasionally come back to haunt her.

She came to An Optimal Brain[2] to help her to deal with another traumatic experience that had recently occurred within her life. During Brainwave Optimization (BWO)[3] to her surprise, the childhood emotions once again rose its ugly head. She worked through it and continued BWO.

Three months later she visited us, excited to shared her new story. She was experiencing joy and happiness within her life. She had a calmness she could not describe. Most importantly, how she now was dealing with her past. When the traumatic emotion hits, she now experiences it in a different way. Strangely, when the memory comes back and the typical emotional response begins builds up, it came to a point and stopped, as if it waiting for her to make a choice in how she was going to respond. Instead of the typical automatic response of anxiety or fear, Hope chose not to allow the memory of her childhood to hold her captive. She made a conscious decision to put the memory and the typical emotional response into her past. She could make the decision it was not a part of her present or future. It no longer had a hold on her. Hope now has the power to decide on how to respond. She chose to allow the negative emotional experience to be in her past, not in her current life.

It is not the first time I heard this story of “Given the Power of Choice”. It may be a different trauma, but the results have been similar.

Trauma can come in so many ways, sexual assault, trauma due to warfare, physical injury, auto accident and birth. During a traumatic situation, the brain communicates the body to go into survival mode. Digestion, urination, and other bodily processes that are necessary shut down for “get ready for survival mode.” All this available energy is now channeled to the muscles and brain, for immediate survival, and is for short-term. After the life-threatening event, the body returns to its normal relaxed state of flexibility, a normal response. When a person continues to relive the traumatic situation, the brain perceives this as a life-threatening situation therefore, activates the neurotransmitters to prepare for battle. It signals the body to release a barrage of hormones, preparing the body for the imminent threat. If the person continues to struggle with the stress the brain begins to perceive every situation as negative and soon it is locked in this state. A new set-point is created. We refer to it as being “Stuck.” It becomes a challenge for the brain to return to its normal relaxed state of flexibility.

Depending on how we deal with it, the memory will either become insignificant or it controls our life. As we live our lives, there are triggers which will set off the memory and emotion. When that occurs, we respond either in a fight/flight or freeze. It will exhibit itself as anxiety, anger, depression, or fear. Our brains are designed to be in a relaxed state of flexibility when there is not a threat. In a life threating situation, the brain prioritizes resources for they are limited within the body. Being stuck in a constant state of high arousal is exhausting. Again, to survive, the brain must prioritize its resources. As the stress accumulates, physical damage to the bodily functions can occur and has exhibited as joint pain, cancer, cardiovascular disease, lupus and weakened immune system.[4]

At An Optimal Brain[5], we do not treat or diagnose. What we do is help the brain break away from being stuck and to begin the process of resetting itself. To help it return to its natural, relaxed state of flexibility.

Hope is a different woman from the first time we met. She now has the opportunity in how she will respond when the negative memory and emotion peers its ugly head. She has chosen to leave it her past. She has now regained control of her life.

With BWO, each person will respond differently. If you are like Hope and are looking for a way to have a choice in dealing with your haunting past, visit our website; www.anoptimalbrain.com and contact us. Hope did and now she has “The Opportunity to Make a Choice.”

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[4]US Department of Veteran Affairs

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