Were You a “Stressed Out Wreck” as a Child?

Hopefully not. Have we forgotten what life is all about and we are focusing on too “Many Things” in life?

Why is it as we get older, we try to cram more stuff into our day? Do you remember when we were young most of us were too busy having fun. Enjoying our friends and playing. We would take the time to relax in a child’s way because we were kids! It appears as we got older, we had let that go. It is difficult when you are putting in up 60 maybe 70 hours a week into your career. The additional pressures of life can add additional stress. So, what is one of the differences between you now and your early childhood? It is your brain chemistry.2

Cerebral congestion[i], so much is coming at you and your brain cannot deal with it. Your brain is telling you to stop! Its full but you have so much to get done.

Our life style will change our brain chemistry and how it performs. If we continue to push ourselves and not take breaks, we can drive us into a continue state of Fight or Flight When we are relaxed, the left side of our brain is slightly dominant. When we are excited we become right side dominant. If we continue to be right side dominant, we can become stuck and no longer be in harmony and balance. A couple of tips to help you not become “STUCK”.

Multitasking[ii]: This is a Myth. It takes the brain at least one second to disengage and engage into the other task. In this time lapse, you are not focused on either task, therefore could be missing, or misinterpreting vital information.

The Siesta[iii]: 20 to 30 minutes power naps may sound strange in our society, but you will perform better if you give your brain a rest. You will be more efficient and perform at a higher level.

Know your circadian rhythms[iv]: Your internal clock. What time do you perform best? If possible make major decisions at your peak. If you are at your low level of your circadian rhythm, it becomes more stressful for you in making those major decisions.

Don’t cram so much “STUFF” into your day. Enjoy the day to the fullest, for it each day is unique and comes only once. If its windy outside, go fly a kite and enjoy that moment in time.

Take care,

By Joey Wilson

An Optimal Brain


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