horses running wild


By Joey Wilson

We all have those memories that haunt us. They can be from an injury or an emotional event. When we have a traumatic experience, we respond with fight or flight, or freeze. When the memory of an event is attached to a strong emotion, your brain cannot tell the difference between it being in the present or the past. I have been asked what brainwave optimization is and what it will do for you. A client shared this analogy with me to gain a better understanding of what she was experiencing.

“When something traumatic happens, the memory and emotions attached to the memory, is like a wild horse. It is running wild and free across your mind. Each time you relive the event, another wild horse is born. As you continue to relive the event, the herd gets larger and larger. Soon they take over your life.

After brainwave optimization, that changed for me. Imagine you go out to the open plain and round up all these wild horses and herd them into a huge corral. You close the gate, stand, and watch as these emotions wildly express themselves. They run, kick, and toss themselves in every direction, trying to get out. As you move closer to the gate you reach for the lock, open the gate, and swing it open. Immediately the horses stampede to the opening that separates them from their freedom. The powerful sounds of hoofs hitting the dry dirt creates a massive dust cloud, covering the landscape. But then there is silence. The dust settles. The powerful force of a hundred horses has come to a standstill, eyes staring at you, waiting. Waiting for you to decide. The open gate is the recall of the trauma. But this time, your mind is able to stop the emotions long enough for you to decide. What do you want these horrifying emotions to do? Instead of the regular routine of holding you captive, you now have a choice in how you want to respond.”


This client is still working with her therapist, but now she has the capability to work through this traumatic experience.

This is the not the first time I have heard an experience like this story. Brainwave optimization helps your brain reach a uniquely deep state of relaxation. Our clients typically experience calmness, better sleep, and release of stress.

We all have some wild horses trying to rule our lives. Brainwave optimization can help you get your life back.

Until next time, take care.


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