Put Your Brain On Vacation

We live in a high stressed world. The problem is, we never take the mental time away to give our brain a break.

Written by Joey Wilson

We live in a high stressed world. We are constantly bombarded by advertising, life challenges and high stress careers. The problem is, we never take the mental time away to give our brain a break. Yes, many of us may take a vacation, but sometimes we become even more stressed than what we were before we left. Why? Because stuff piled up that wasn’t dealt with! Don’t wait to take a couple of weeks off. Give your brain a mental vacation. Take time out during the day to, as the saying goes, “Stop to Smell the Roses.”

When we continually stress ourselves, our brain finds it difficult to return to a relaxed state. In a high stress career, we are continually operating in a state of excite, flight/fight. If we continue to live at this high level of stress our brains soon consider it to be the new normal. Therefore, it will readjust its baseline and redefine it as the new relaxed state. It now becomes very difficult to put your brain in relaxed vacation mode. If you do not give your brain a break, you can become “STUCK” like a cow trying to get over a fence, not able to get over, but can’t get back to the pasture.

“STUCK” like a cow trying to get over a fence….

Meditation and yoga are great tools to achieve a state of relaxation. But if you are stuck, the results can be temporary. To achieve the full benefits of meditation and yoga, your brain must be working in harmony. Harmony occurs when the left and right sides of your brain are working in an interdependent relationship. If they become dependent, the outcome can be exhibited as anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, digestive problem, the list goes on. Brainwave optimization was created to help the brain become “unstuck.”

Allow your brain to achieve relaxation and regain harmony. Give your brain several mental breaks during the day. Take the time to Smell the Roses. Do learn yoga and meditation. However, I have found the greatest way to give your brain a chance to have a daily mental vacation and to smell the roses, is to experience brainwave optimization.

For more information about brainwave optimization or to schedule an appointment, please email us at Info@anoptimalbrain.com or call (951) 319-7819.

Our website with more information is www.anoptimalbrain.com

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